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Bots n' Things 2 now in development!

Bots n' Things 2 is now in development. If anyone has any feedback from the 1st version and would like to see a change emails are welcomed and will be considered!
Posted 12-Feb-2014

Bots n' Things - Available Now!

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On the Windows Phone Marketplace! On the App Store!

Bots n' Things is a fun and addictive tower defense game jam-packed with unique Bots, peculiar looking Things, and ricocheting lasers, discs, and poison. This game is great for beginners and experts as it allows the players to be creative yet logical, as an effective maze is required to destroy and prevent the Things from invading their terrain. Collect all the sapphire jewels and the Bots will love you forever.

Keep an eye out for the tiles above in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. And the App Store on the iPhone.

Exciting News

Bots n' Things was a recent finalist for the Windows Phone 7 in the Dream Build Play 2012 contest!


Here are some of the many things this game has to offer:

  • 14 Levels
  • Endless game mode that is a different every time you play
  • Share of Facebook
  • 10 Unique Bots
  • Hundreds of waves
  • 21 Different Bot Upgrades
  • 5 Distinct Weapon Buffs
  • 6 World Environments
  • Build your own maze and be creative
  • Player levels
  • Milestones
  • Hours of fun gameplay
  • Cross platform enabled Leaderboards for every level

User Pictures

If anyone wants to show off their maze, send me an email with your username.

Big Money Myles

Patch 1.1.0

Where to find it?

Bots n' Things is available on the iPhone and Windows Phone 7 devices, currently in the process of being ported to Android devices.